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About Us

Highly skilled and certified EMS Professionals

Highly skilled and certified Ambulance Services

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Assist Ambulance provides compassionate, caring and professional ambulance service in the greater NYC service area. Founded in 1977 we have a long history of providing excellent transportation services for health care providers and the community at large. At Assist we utilize the latest technologies to ensure you receive optimum clinical outcomes and a safe and reliable transport.

Assist Ambulance provides Emergency and non-emergency, Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our team of Paramedics and EMTs are comprised of career professionals who are trained in all aspects of emergency transports; including Critical Care transports and Specialty inter facility transports. At Assist we coordinate all aspects of transportation and care with the referring facility to ensure patient comfort and satisfaction.

Assist takes great pride in becoming part of the communities we service. Our efforts begin with providing multi lingual staff to address the needs of the diverse ethnic communities of New York City. In addition, we also provide educational classes in Safety, Accident Prevention, and Emergency response programs.

Technological Edge

Assist Ambulance vehicles are equipped with the latest technologies available to help with patient care and timely transports. Paramedic Units utilize the most up to date EKG monitors,Ventilators, BI-PAP and IV pumps which enhance optimal patient care and clinical outcomes.

All are vehicle are monitored via GPS tracking with live updates that ensure minimal Estimated time of Arrival (ETAs) , and allow for proper triage.


Assist Ambulance EMTs and Paramedics utilize electronic PCR s for all their transports. EPCR has proven to be a vital tool in EMS operations both in pre hospital transportation and upon discharge. In addition EPCR provides management with the ability to track clinical outcomes and service delivery on behalf of our clients.

Assist is proud to be setting the trend in deploying advanced technologies in the operations of EMS.

Our Team

Assist Ambulance staff is comprised of veteran EMS professionals dedicated to the mission of saving lives and providing quality care to our patients. Assist employees are compassionate medical professionals who pride themselves in quality care.

At Assist our staff is trained in all aspects of emergency care, safety and customer sensitivity. All our employees are certified with the NYS Department of Health and meet all our compliance department matrix., and are up to date with their credentials. Assist provides continuous medical education (CME ) for all its employees along with all of the DOH updates .

Safety First

While all transportation requires an extra element of safety, EMS by its very nature requires going the extra mile.

Assist has safety as its #1 priority. While operating in an industry where ETAs and timing is everything we DON’T compromise on the safety of the patients we transport or the drivers on the road.

Assist Road Supervisors regularly monitor our crews on the road, their interaction with patients and referring facilities to ensure all safety instructions are adhered to.

Read our Reviews

Based on Google reviews

Miss Pierre and her partner are allstar EMT’s. They treated me with respect and compassion when they transported me to interfaith hospital. I used to work at Assit as an EMT in the 90s and compassion is something you can’t teach. I was in a lot of pain and I was well taking care of.

By Terrace Jones

I was transported to the hospital by two very professional EMT from this company. I must say though that Damien was very kind, caring and thoughtful and made me feel less anxious. He provided exceptional service and this company should be proud to have him as an employee. Thank you so very much for your kindness in a service industry that isn’t usually so friendly and empathetic.

By Denise Jordan

Great company, very professional and helpful! They were able to transport my mother home from the hospital, when other companies did not want to take the risk. Yes, she was frail and dying anyway – but her wishes were to die in her own bed and not rot in the hospital! Assist did what others couldn’t!

By Isaac K.