Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

What positions are you hiring for?2022-04-28T13:35:23+00:00

Assist Ambulance is hiring NYS DOH certified EMT’s and Paramedics.

What type of entities do you work with?2022-04-28T13:35:55+00:00

We offer Emergency and Non Emergency multi level Ambulance services to a multitude of Health Care Facilities in NYC . These facilities include Hospitals, SNF’s , Urgent Care centers and Home care providers.

In addition we are a NYC FDNY 911 participating provider.

What geographic area do you service ?2022-04-28T13:36:19+00:00

Assist Ambulance provides services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and The Bronx

Our Ambulance bases are conveniently located in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

How can I advance my career with Assist Ambulance?2022-04-28T13:37:23+00:00

At Assist we offer training to further your skills in emergency response services. As a FDNY 911 provider we offer quality career employees to participate in the 911 units.

Assist offers Scholarships for EMTs that wish to go to Paramedic school to further their emergency care education .

As a company how flexible are you with working with employees to accommodate their schedules?2022-04-28T13:38:00+00:00

As a 24/7 service we have shifts available at any time of day and night. Our Operations’ manager will work with you to accommodate a work schedule that works for you .

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